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Munich Innovation Labs – Our Mission

We develop innovative software and AI solutions for highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, security and defence. We bridge the gap between ideas or proof-of-concept implementations and scalable solutions in operation.

We focus on

on providing

high quality models

and training data.

Data acquisition

We develop customised software applications that provide access to various data sources. For our customers, we carefully prepare ground truth datasets and provide state-of-the-art models for machine learning applications.

Data analysis

We develop customized software applications to process, visualise and analyse acquired data.

Our services

AI knowledge transfer for internal development teams
Annotation and training of AI algorithms
Data protection compliant AI development
Scaling solutions for production operations
Project management for IT and AI solutions

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Terrorismusbekämpfung im Netz: Lagebild und zeitgemäße Methodik

Radikalisierung und Extremismus im Internet sind in den letzten Jahren zu zentralen Themen für deutsche…

Einsatz von Künstlicher Intelligenz zur Früherkennung von Straftaten

Am 01. Juli 2020 ist das Forschungsprojekt KISTRA (Einsatz von KI zur Früherkennung von Straftaten) gestartet. Ziel ist…

Research projects

The INTEGER project

Security authorities try to recognise extremist or terrorist tendencies early on by analysing social media posts. Currently, this is done manually and the INTEGER project serves as a basis to develop an automatic evaluation and visual processing of data. In the future, more threats could be recognised with less effort. 

The PANDORA project...

… investigates which extremist ideas are used on the internet and social media and how these contribute to radicalisation. The similarities between right-wing and Islamist propaganda will also be analysed. The goal of the project is to develop tools and strategies for preventive measures, political education and early detection of the radicalisation process.

The KISTRA project ...

… researches the possibilities and framework conditions for the ethically and legally justifiable use of artificial intelligence by security authorities for the early detection and prevention of hate crime offenses. The results of the project will include sociological, ethical and legal expert opinions and technical solutions. Not only the federal police, but also other security authorities will benefit from the results.


… presents an inclusive and sustainable vision for increasing the awareness, capability, adoption and long-term impact of artificial intelligence in Europe for law enforcement agencies. Among other things, the understanding and expertise on AI will be improved, so that law enforcement agencies can combat the misuse of AI-supported crime and terrorism. The project helps law enforcement agencies to prioritise the safety and security of Europe.

The KONFIDENT project ...

… aims to provide surgeons with a tool to perform tissue analysis during the procedure of removing skin tissue. Now it has to be analysed in a pathology laboratory and sometimes multiple removal procedures are necessary. With the confocal microscope that the project aims to develop, the tissue analysis is automated and performed during the removal procedure. The tool will be user-friendly and AI algorithms will be used for the digital image analysis.