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INspectre is our prime data acquisition & analysis solution specifically designed for retrieving and processing data from online sources.


Athena is the ‘offline’ sibling to INspectre. If your job is to find the data needle in a haystack full of data repositories, Athena is the tool that will find it for you.


BlockReg is our blockchain-based data security solution. If you have sensitive data at hand that needs to be protected from manipulation or unauthorized access, talk to us about an implementation of BlockReg in your organization.

What we do

Munich Innovation Labs specializes in innovative services and products for highly regulated industries, such as defense, healthcare and security. Our team bridges the gap between early stage ideas and proof-of-concept demonstrations in the area of OSINT, data analysis and visualization.

Our Specializations

Focus on Data

Data Acquisition & Data Analysis

We develop customized software applications that provide access to various types of data sources as well as tools to analyze, process and visualize data.

Data Security & Data Integrity

Our second field of specialization is the development of data security solutions. We use state of the art technologies (such as blockchain or machine learning) to provide solutions that make your data safe from not just theft, but also manipulation and unauthorized access.

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What have we been up to lately?

Munich Innovation Labs and M3i co-publish study on Vibroarthography with clinical partners

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Munich Innovation Labs and its partners, M3i and the Munich University Hospital are excited to announce the publication of their first co-authored article, “Vibroarthrography for early detection of knee osteoarthritis…

MIL joins BMBF Innovation Forum on Civil Security

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Munich Innovation Labs joined selected participants to discuss matters of civil security on the 3rd BMBF Innovation Forum in Berlin, April 12th & 13th 2017

MIL starts partnership with Germany’s biggest Industry-in-Clinic Platform

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Munich Innovation Labs starts strategic partnership with M3i Industry-in-Clinic Platform, May 31st 2016

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